Idaho Beer and Wine Laws


The sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages is regulated by the Alcohol Beverage Control

  1. Licensing requirements:
    •   Beer license is $50 per year.
    •   Wine bottles (to go) , $100 per year.
    •   Wine by the drink (on premise), $100 per year.
    •   Keg- to-go license is $20 per year.
    •   Beer suppliers must obtain a Certificate of Approval, $0 per year
    •   Wine suppliers – no certificate is required.
  2. Controlled state regarding:
    •   Beer and Wine , no
    •   Distilled Spirits, yes. Only sold through an Idaho State Liquor Store
  3. Alcohol thresholds:
    • If over 16% ABV, must go through State Liquor Store
    • Can be over 16% ABV if noted as either: Port, Madeira or Sherry
  4. How long is the application process?
    • Applications are processed on a first come first served basis. The law allows for up to ninety days for processing.
  5. How far from a church or a school do I need to be?
    • For on-premise consumption licensee’s...must be at least 300 feet from the property line of the church or school. City or counties can issue waivers.
  6. What hours can I sell beer and wine?
    • 6am to 1am. City laws may allow up to 2am.
  7. Retailer’s name on labels is prohibited.
    • “No label on a wine container shall be used or placed thereon which indicates that a retailer is the producer or the bottler thereof or which contains the name of a retailer in any manner.”
  8. Sampling.
    • Vintners, wineries and distributors may conduct or assist in wine sampling.
    • Beer sampling is not allowed.
    • Sample sizes shall not exceed 1 1⁄2 ounces.
    • Tasting area must be clearly marked.
  9. Beer & Wine price posting
    • Distributors need to post all prices on an electronic website.
    • Pricing changes must be submitted 30 days in advance.
    • A price decrease must be held for 6 months prior to adjusting again.
    • No volume discounts are allowed.

For more information on laws and regulations:

Alcohol Beverage Control
700 South Stratford Drive
Meridian, ID 83642